APTR Education Programs Internship

Thank you to Katy Bidwell (ISCOPES Alum), for forwarding this part-time internship opportunity!

Application Deadline:  July 5, 2016

The Association for Prevention Teaching and Research (APTR) is seeking a part-time student intern to assist in coordinating several public health education projects. APTR is the professional organization for the academic medical and public health community dedicated to prevention education (www.aptrweb.org).

The intern will obtain hands-on experience working with a small staff in a comfortable work environment conveniently located at Farragut Square in downtown Washington, DC.


Education Programs Intern


Under the supervision of the Director for Training and Education, the intern will assist with projects and activities which will include, but are not be limited to:

  • Performing research and maintenance in support of new and existing web-based projects, including an online teaching resource center.
    • Research and identify high quality teaching and training resources online related to clinical prevention and population health.
    • Add vetted resources with descriptions to online teaching tool directory.
    • Transition program profiles in MS Word to web-based profiles.
    • Develop infographics to display and promote new data.
  • Data management and analysis related to program surveys.
  • Participate in a meeting of a national advisory group on interprofessional prevention education and take minutes (July 20th).



Priority will be given to applicants who are graduate public health, health communication, health promotion, or health professions students (including medical, nursing, physician assistant, dental, and pharmacy), who have a strong interest in the promotion of health and the prevention of disease.

The intern MUST have excellent written and oral communication skills and be self-directed, motivated, and well-organized. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in website maintenance (including use of Weebly.com), use of continuing education resources (including CDC TRAIN), and communications.



The position is part-time (20-30 hours per week) through the end of September. Start and end dates are flexible; however, APTR is interested in filling the internship ASAP. Consideration will be given to varying the number of hours worked per week to accommodate class schedules. The intern will be compensated at $15 per hour.



Applicants should email a cover letter that summarizes the applicant’s interest and qualifications for the internship, a statement indicating their availability (start and end dates; hours per week), and a résumé to vsc@aptrweb.org. The email subject line should read: Education Programs Internship Application.


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Meaningful Conversations with Healthy Teen Scholars

Gentrification is a general term that is often used to describe the arrival of a wealthier population moving into deteriorating communities and often results in the displacement of poorer residents. ISCOPES Healthy Teen Scholars felt that it was imperative to speak with our students about this topic, not because we believed we could teach them about the topic, but to learn from them and their thoughts on the reality in which they live in every day. Continue reading

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Healthy Hearts

Vivien Thomas, an African-American surgical research technician who was responsible for the lifesaving surgical procedure for infants who were diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot aka Baby Blue Syndrome.  Levi Watkins, Jr., mentee of Vivien Thomas, was the first African American heart surgeon to successfully implant an automatic defibrillator in a human patient.  In 1893, Daniel Hale Williams, African American cardiologist performed the first successful open-heart surgery.  What do all three of these astonishing people have in common?

Throughout the month of February we pay tribute to African Americans whose achievements and accomplishments have made a significant impact in U.S. history.  It is also known as Health Heart Awareness month. We focus our attention on one of the most vital organ in the human body. Continue reading

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Lessons Learned from the Guardian Engagement Team

The Guardian Engagement (GE) Team has been attending Southeast Children’s Fund (SCF) on a weekly basis from October through early December, and beginning again in late January. While we have done research and have shared our knowledge with the parents and children at SCF, we have also learned from them. Continue reading

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Adult Health Literacy Team Update

As aspiring health professionals, mental health is an important topic close to our hearts because it is intangible– something we often cannot physically see but it manifests in both positive and negative ways within ourselves and the clients in the communities we serve. Continue reading

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Healthy Teen Scholars Red Cross Club Update

Fall semester was an extremely exciting time for both our Dunbar Red Cross Club (RCC) students and the ISCOPES Healthy Teen Scholars Team! During the final weeks of November, we began to explore different career options within the health field with our RCC students. Biomedical Engineer, Physician Assistant, Epidemiologist, Nurse, Physician….these were just a few of the healthcare engagement opportunities we discussed with the students. There is something in healthcare for everybody, and our students experienced this firsthand! And what better way was there to share this information with RCC than with a special visit from real world health professionals!? Continue reading

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Polaroids…who woulda thunk it?

polaroid_frame copyGenerally, when you first step off the elevator and enter the VA Community Living  Center (CLC) you are greeted by fluorescent lights in a small atrium where posters for each of the five branches of the U.S. military line the wall.

The sound of a classic movie fills the room even though only one person is usually watching it. There are usually a few other veterans moving about who share a brief smile in response to your bright red volunteer vest, but mostly they pretend not to notice as you collect the items for your planned activity. Continue reading

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